Nailpad creators painting nails at home

Tori and Carrie – nailpad creators


We’re Tori & Carrie, creators of Nailpad. We’re identical twins and best friends and love working on our Nailpad product together.

Six years ago our idea for the Nailpad was hatched. We chatted about the issues we faced when painting nails. You know the ones: trying to balance a bottle of varnish between your knees, using a slippery magazine to lean on, all the while worrying about spillages…

During our spare time, we channelled our thoughts into developing the Nailpad concept. It’s been a busy few years, between juggling work, family life and Nailpad. But our overall goal has always been been to bring Nailpad to life and make nail painting at home easier for all the other nail painting enthusiasts.

And here it is: a handy little portable table with a nifty holder to keep the nail varnish pot secure. Painting nails is now easier, steadier and far less stressful!

With the launch of Nailpad, we’re really excited to share it with you! We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback – feel free to send us an email.

Tori & Carrie

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