Nailpad is a manicure table or nail desk alternative for mobile nail technicians

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Nailpad is a solution for mobile nail techs who are missing a nail desk or table as it provides a small, flat portable surface. And place to secure nail polish whilst painting client’s nails.

  • Nailpad is a portable, flat surface with pot holder to make your mobile manicures easier when you are at a client’s place
  • Place the Nailpad between your legs (with the pull out leg between your knees). While painting your client’s nails, your polish is nice and secure in the pot holder and close to you so easy access for painting. No more juggling polish, brush and client fingers all at once! You can relax knowing your polish is secure in the bottle holder
  • Whilst painting client nails, if you prefer a flat surface for their hands to lean on, then turn the Nailpad around, place your clients hands flat down and you are ready to go
  • Your clients can relax knowing they do not need to provide a table and you do not need to worry about potential spills in their home
  • Nailpad folds in half so is small and easily transportable with your nail kit. And fits easily into your nail kit bag
  • Nailpad also works well if you doing a manicure in a salon when your client is having a pedicure. Or for nail techs working in hair salons, painting client nails whilst they are having their hair done

If you would like to chat about using Nailpad in you mobile nail kit bag, stocking Nailpad to sell to clients, email or buy online at

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