How to use up the last bit of nail polish

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We find there is nothing more annoying than getting about half way through your nail polish, only to discover you can’t get enough on the brush for a full stroke. Whether a base coat, top coat or nail polish colour, it feels like you are missing out on valuable colour…

Our Nailpad pot-holder helps you reach the last bit in the bottle. You can tilt the bottle to the left or right within the pot-holder. Then place the brush in and when you take it out, you’ll see a full brush stroke of polish on there

Have a look at our video of Tori using the Nailpad to get out the last bit of nail polish, helping avoid any wastage.

Nailpad is a small, portable little table that helps with your home manicures and pedicures. It helps you avoid nail polish spills with the pot-holder to place your bottle. And the fold out leg keeps the surface stable letting you paint nails with a flat surface.

Our black and pink Nailpads sell for £12.95 including postage in our shop. Or if you have any questions about them, please email

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