Tori’s Top Tips for Mother’s Day gifts

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Hi everyone, Tori here. With Mother’s Day fast approaching at the end of the month, I have put together a few top tips and ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. Some ideas for your mum’s nails and other fun day trips that you can all enjoy. Here we go, ‘Tori’s Top Tips for Mother’s Day gifts.’

Essie Red Nails

A classic red nail polish

We all love a classic red nail polish (well I definitely do 😉 and I have found that Essie is one of the fastest drying nail polishes around. It’s a perfect gift for your mum or loved one. After trialling a few nail polishes over the years I bought a lovely Red Essie nail varnish recently. I have to say I think that the Essie polishes are some of the quickest at drying especially after applying a top coat…

Gifts on

Mothers Day Gift

The website is the perfect place to find your Mother’s day gift. It’s a fantastic website that sells gifts made by mums and dads running a business around family life. A favourite of mine is the Mama Swag Clutch bag. There’s a separate page for Mother’s Day gifts so have a look.

Luxury afternoon tea on train

How about treating your mum to a lovely afternoon tea together on a luxury train? Always a fun thing to do whilst having a glass of bubbles. Here is one I have been to on The Belmond British Pullman luxury train and can highly recommend.

Vintage Routemaster afternoon tea

I recently saw a vintage red routemaster double decker bus serving afternoon tea and thought what fun! Brigit’s Bakery, the company running it, also offers afternoon tea on a river cruise or in their bakery.

Tilted Nail Polish on Nailpad

Nailpad top tip

Finally a Nailpad top tip: if your nail polish is running low you can balance it on its side in the pot holder to ensure you can use the rest of it!

And of course our Nailpad is a great Mother’s Day gift 😉 If you’d like to buy our Nailpad, please visit our online shop. The Nailpad is a great tool to help you perfect your polish, keeping your hand stable on the flat, round surface and with a built in pot holder it keeps your polish safe.

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