Tori’s top tips for hand and nail care in winter

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Hi everyone, Tori here. I’ve put together my first blog for nailpad! Each month I’ll give you my top nail tips. This month’s blog is all about ‘top tips for looking after your hands and nails in winter’. With the cold weather setting in, it is a good idea to include your nails and hands in a daily beauty routine (if not all year-round). Our hands tend to be the first place to be affected by the cold and can get dry and irritated quickly.

Treat your nails like jewels not tools!

This is so true! I heard this expression on a recent manicure and pedicure beauty course I was on  and it is very easy to forget to look after your nails. Don’t forget to protect your nails and wear washing up gloves and use your hand and nail cream as part of your daily routine.

Remember to wear gloves

You’re making a mad dash for the front door and it is so easy to forget gloves. But if you can, remember to wear gloves throughout the winter months to protect them from the cold elements. Gloves or mittens – both will make a difference to your hands.

Cuticle oil protects nails

Keep your cuticles hydrated by using cuticle oil at night

I have started to use cuticle oil over the last few months and I am really noticing the difference is makes and how much healthier my cuticles look. I am using a great apricot oil at the moment by Essie (which I would highly recommend!)

Use a barrier hand cream

Moisturising your hands provides an extra barrier from the elements. Pop a travel-size hand cream in your handbag and whenever you feel your hands drying up, just rub it in. One of my favourite hand creams  is Nivea’s Q10 anti-age cream.

Use a base coat to protect your nails

This was something I forgot to do over Christmas and managed to stain my nails after using my new red nail polish – I am still paying the price… I won’t make that mistake again and now I am using a great ‘Strong Start’ base coat by Essie

Nailpad top tip

Storing accessories in the nailpad

Don’t forget your can store your manicure accessories within the Nailpad – even your cuticle pusher will fit in so you can keep your cuticles looking good at all times!

If you’d like to buy our Nailpad, please visit our online shop. The Nailpad is a great tool to help you perfect your polish, keeping your hand stable on the flat, round surface.  Perfect your polish 🙂

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