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We’re Tori & Carrie, creators of nailpad. Thank you for stopping by our site!

Our idea for the nailpad came about after years of chatting through the various issues we faced when painting nails. You know the ones: trying to balance a bottle of varnish between your knees and ending up with it all over your clothes, or using a slippery magazine to lean on, all the while worrying about spillages and the inevitable dry cleaning bills…

So, after years of putting up with this we decided to do something about it and during our spare time we put our thoughts to developing the nailpad.

And here it is: a handy little portable table with a nifty holder to keep the nail varnish pot nice and secure. Painting our nails is now easier, steadier and far less stressful!

It’s taken a few years (well, five to be exact) but the nailpad is finally ready and we can’t wait to share it with you! We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts and feedback, so if you’d like to share your views with us please do send an email.

Tori & Carrie


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