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nailpad has arrived – nail varnishing made easy with the portable manicure table

December 5, 2018 | no comments | General | by: nailpadhosting

nailpad leg folded out manicure homenailpad is a small handy portable round table which keeps your nail varnish bottle secure for home manicures and pedicures. The fold-out leg positions between your knees, keeping the surface steady so you can paint nails on your lap, at an angle or rest it on a flat surface. nailpad also stores manicure accessories inside when folded. It is the go-to portable manicure and pedicure accessory.

Like all top products, nailpad was created through a need. Founder Carrie explains, ‘nailpad was invented to solve the issues we faced when painting nails at home. Including balancing a bottle between your knees and ending up with polish on your clothes. Or using a slippery magazine to lean on and worrying about inevitable spillages.’Portable manicure at home

Carrie continues, ‘it’s taken a number of years to bring nailpad to market. From initially visualising how the product could work, through development to arranging funding (and not forgetting our busy family lives)! We are both so excited to actually launch nailpad and hope others will enjoy nail painting at home even more now.’

The nailpad, for a portable manicure at home, comes in black or pink and sells for £12.95 – please visit our shop.

If you would like to find out more about our trade prices, please email carrie or call +44 (0)7890 471 734

how to use a nailpad

September 9, 2018 | no comments | General The story | by: nailpadhosting

We discovered there were four main ways we would attempt to paint our finger and toe nails. And then designed the nailpad to help making nail painting easier using these four ways:

  1. sitting on the sofa, watching tv, with the nailpad leg between knees
  2. on the bed, with bent knees
  3. flat on the floor to paint toe nails
  4. flat on a table

Have a look, here’s how a nailpad could work for you… And if you’d like to buy one, please visit our shop.

Four ways to use a nailpad

the photo shoot…

August 11, 2018 | no comments | General The story | by: nailpadhosting

From the beginning, nailpad has always been about fun and the opportunity to work on a project together. Over the past five years, since the nailpad idea was first conceived, we’ve always had a laugh bringing the project to life. And our photo shoot was no different – bringing together all members of the family 🙂