The nailpad provides a flat, portable table-like surface with nail varnish pot holder. It folds in half – perfect to tuck into your handbag.



Allows you to paint your nails without worry of spillage or uneven surfaces. Perfect your polish at home.



Paint your nails resting the nailpad on your lap, at an angle with your knees tilted or flat on a surface.






It’s great to meet you – let us introduce you to the nailpad.

The nailpad is a small, handy, portable table with a nifty holder to keep your nail varnish pot nice and secure. By using it, you’ll save yourself from spilling any nail varnish and will have a solid surface to place your hand or foot.

We’ve found that painting nails is now easier, steadier and far less stressful…

We’ve been working on nailpad over the last five years to help solve the problems faced when painting nails. As a working mum and between family life and work, have made it our mission to dedicate more time to bringing it to life. And here we go!

Since 2012 we have tweaked, amended and revised the nailpad to achieve the right size (small enough when folded up for a handbag), a practical size pot holder (to fit virtually all sizes and shape of nail varnish) and a fold out leg (to keep the nailpad surface steady when painting nails).

We sell a bright pink and shiny black version for only £12.95.

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I love using the nailpad. No more balancing my varnish on a magazine! It’s my go to when I paint my nails and comes on holiday with me.

Abigail (our BFF)
Programme Director - Health and beauty

Practical, easy to use and the fold out leg means I can always maintain a steady surface to paint my nails when I’m sitting down.

Hilary (our Mum)
Consultant - Interior design


It’s early days and we welcome your feedback about the nailpad.
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